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  • Provision of additional salt/grit bins .
  • Tree planting to the Northern approach(Ouston Bank)
  • Substations-maintain and clean up-graffiti removal & surrounding area improvement(Oval)
  • Pathways in Walters Wood
  • Disabled access throughout village
  • Youth meeting area/room
  • Repairs to footprints and roads including road markings
  • Grassed areas-cut back path encroachment by grass,additional planted areas, Ross Park clean up
  • To set-up an Ouston Villagers' Association website.--Achieved
  • To help keep open Ouston Village Community Centre.--Achieved
  • To write to other Groups in the village.--Achieved
  • To find Nominees for May 2010 Parish Council election, to represent the village.--Achieved--2 elected to PC
  • To continue work from 2009, in areas of: traffic concerns, anti-social behaviour and environmental issues.--Ongoing
  • To try to set-up a Choir and games teams from local residents. (Goals to be reviewed in May 2010)--No action
  • More policing for Ouston.--Ongoing--no allocated PCSO